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Surveying services

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K2 Storage Systems offers comprehensive surveying services tailored to the needs of modern businesses and institutions.

Our focus is on providing precise measurement solutions that support infrastructure development, urban planning and the implementation of various construction projects.

Our qualified surveyors have extensive experience in the industry, using the latest technologies and surveying methods. As a result, we provide our clients with the highest quality surveying services, adapting to the individual requirements of each project.

Our range of surveying services includes:

Surveying Staking for Shelving and Storage Systems:

We offer geodetic staking, which is the precise determination of the location of racks and storage systems on the site, ensuring optimal space planning and efficient use of storage space.

Control of Leveling and Verticality of Warehouse Systems:

By comprehensively controlling the leveling and verticality of storage systems, we maintain a high level of functionality and safety inside the warehouse.

Creation of Warehouse System Maps and Plans:

Our services include the creation of detailed maps and plans of warehouse systems, which is crucial for the effective management of warehouse space and enables the optimal use of available space.

3D Map Creation:

Complex storage moves involve preparing a large amount of goods and pieces of equipment for transport. At K2 Storage Systems, we provide a comprehensive service, from the preparation of the work schedule, through the dismantling of the system, its transportation and reassembly at the designated location.


Realized Warehouse Systems

Our services also include auditing completed warehouse systems in terms of verticality, leveling and efficiency of logistics paths, enabling optimization of intralogistics processes.

Deformation of Shelving Systems:

We perform deformation auditing of racking systems, which allows us to quickly detect any irregularities and risks, ensuring the safety and durability of storage systems.

We are constantly striving to improve our skills and update our knowledge in order to provide our clients with comprehensive surveying services at the highest level.

Cooperation with K2 Storage Systems is a guarantee of professionalism, precision and timeliness of the surveying services provided.